Monday, September 14, 2009

Census Bureau Drops Acorn Input

Fishing for Information:

The US Census Bureau on Friday severed all ties with controversial community organizing group ACORN. The reason? The bureau said ACORN's conduct and sour public image threatened to taint the bureau's execution of the 2010 census.


Dozens of states have charged ACORN employees with voter registration fraud, numerous corporations have paid exorbitant sums of hush money to get the group to call off its demonstrators crying racism, and media organizations have exposed serious questions about how the radical group has spent the hundreds of millions of federal tax dollars it has received over the years. And now we have videos from three major city ACORN offices who have coached citizens on how to game the government, declaring their prostitution business as "performance artists" and underage illegal sex slaves as "dependents" Yet ACORN continues to do business without being investigated, and continues to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding....


Well, you wondered how long it would take an Obama Justice Department to get around to the business of sending government lawyers out to comb the countryside to look for racism (loosely defined) and fill the court system with lawsuits. And here we go.

WASHINGTON — Seven months after taking office, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. is reshaping the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division by pushing it back into some of the most important areas of American political life, including voting rights, housing, employment, bank lending practices and redistricting after the 2010 census.

As part of this shift, the Obama administration is planning a major revival of high-impact civil rights enforcement against policies, in areas ranging from housing to hiring, where statistics show that minorities fare disproportionately poorly. President George W. Bush’s appointees had discouraged such tactics, preferring to focus on individual cases in which there is evidence of intentional discrimination.

In other words, they'll be flooding the courts with cases against business policies and practices, based on statistics (with are NEVER manipulated) instead of focusing on real instances of discrimination.


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