Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My letter to

We are now being called part of a "fringe" group because we are confronting this government's plans for a government take-over of all our health care. We are being told that we are there because of the insurance companies and their organization of us to be at town hall meetings.

Here is my letter to

I am writing to report an "iffy" description of your health care bill. It is from the White House, and is described as your 5 point plan to remake health care in our country. It is hiding from us the truth. And the very notion that you have made this email site available for citizens to "inform" you of those they think are against you is a shocking example of gestapo tactics - citizens spying on citizens just for you.

For instance, you say we can keep our own insurance plan, that we will not be forced to go on a government plan. That is true - UNTIL WE CHANGE OUR JOB and need to get new insurance, in which case we must go on the government plan.

I suggest you read all 1000+ pages of this bill to see what you are asking over 80% of Americans who have health insurance and like their current plan to forfeit. This is not what we have in mind to fix the system. We want it fixed for those who do not otherwise have insurance. Leave the rest of us alone, and stop claiming that insurance companies are immoral and evil! A federal government which controls our country and many of its companies is what is evil. It is also unconstitutional, as it far exceeds the constitutional mandates for what the federal government is tasked to do for the country.

One last thing: you should treat the good Americans who are finally mad enough to get out of their easy chairs to express themselves with the same dignity and admiration as you treat the ACORN community organizers whom you have trained. We are there not because we have been organized to be there, nor because we are possible terrorists who are part of a "fringe" group, but because we care about the direction in which you are taking our country. As Hillary Clinton famously screamed: "We are Americans, and we have a RIGHT to disagree with ANY administration!!!"

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