Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gingrich hits a home run on jobs; Australia says immigrants, not Australians, must adapt; Obama to raise debt limit again, while Congress in recess?; Some N. Koreans to labor-training camp; AZ ruling against immigration law probably unconstitutional; Rep. Allen West would consider VP position; Obama's appearance on Illinois primary ballot in question; Occupy to be taken over by Democratic Socialists of America; Occupy DC won't leave park; 84% of us disapprove of Congress actions; A sense of victimhood - or a way to lift us up?; SEIU looking for a community organizer on their payroll

Daily Caller reports: Asked by debate co-moderator Juan Williams whether he could understand why his comments that “black Americans should demand jobs, not food stamps” and that “poor kids lack a strong work ethnic” and perhaps should “work as janitors in their schools” were insulting to Americans — especially African-Americans — Gingrich dismissed the notion out of hand.
“No, I don’t see that,” he said bluntly to wild applause.
“New York City pays their janitors an absurd amount of money because of the union. You could take one janitor and hire 30-some kids to work in the school for the price of one janitor, and those 30 kids would be a lot less likely to drop out,” the former House Speaker said.
“They would actually have money in their pocket. They would learn to show up for work. They could do light janitorial duty. They could work in the cafeteria. They could work in the front-office. They could work in the library. They would be getting money which is a good thing if you’re poor. Only the elites despise earning money.”
Williams followed up by asking Gingrich to respond to emails that suggested Gingrich intended to “belittle the poor and racial minorities” with his words.
“Well, first of all, Juan, the fact is that more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history,” Gingrich responded to more cheers.
“Now, I know among the politically correct you’re not supposed to use facts that are uncomfortable. Second, you’re the one who earlier raised a key point: The area that ought to be I-73 was called by Barack Obama a corridor of shame because of unemployment. Has it improved in three years?  No. They haven’t built a road, they haven’t helped the people, they haven’t done anything.”
“So here’s my point,” he concluded. “I believe every American of every background has been endowed by their creator with the right to pursue happiness. And if that makes liberals unhappy, I am going to continue to find ways to help poor people learn how to get a job, learn how to get a better job, and learn some day to own the job.”
The crowd again erupted, rewarding what sounded more like a sermon than a debate answer with what pollster Frank Luntz later said was the first standing ovation he had ever witnessed during a presidential debate.
Silents Speech reports: Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the  government targeted radicals in a bid to head off  potential terror attacks.
Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques.
“I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.  ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’   We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish,  Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of  our society . Learn the language!’ http://silentsspeech.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/australian-prime-minister-does-it-again/
Powerline reports: Pursuant to the Budget Control Act, brought to you by the GOP leadership’s sellout, Obama notified Congress yesterday that the federal debt is approaching the statutory ceiling of $15.194 trillion. [The actual total debt is already $15.237 trillion, but a small amount is not subject to the limit.]  As such, he is calling on Congress to grant him another $1.2 trillion in debt, conveniently enough to last him until after the election, with the possibility of saddling his successor with a tough decision over yet another debt limit increase.  It is really more of a notification than a request.  Obama will automatically receive his $1.2 trillion supercharged credit card unless two-thirds of Congress votes to disapprove of the request within 15 days.
In just three years, he has accrued $4.6 trillion in debt, more than Bush amassed during his entire eight-year tenure.  Now he will add another $1.2 trillion by the end of his first term, and, thanks to the horrendous budget deal, which was cheered on by the same outlets that are now fawning over Mitt Romney, there’s nothing we can do about it.
But here’s the question: If Congress is in recess and cannot fulfill its responsibility to advice and consent, as the President has suggested, how can Obama fulfill his obligation of submitting a certification to Congress?

Personal Liberty writes: An unidentified source told Daily NK:
The authorities are handing down at least six months in a labor-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organized gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn’t seem genuine.
Immediately after the mourning was allowed to stop, North Korean officials reportedly began conducting “criticism sessions” at all levels of industry, in enterprises and by local people’s units to find out who didn’t mourn enough. http://www.personalliberty.com/news/north-koreans-still-crying/?eiid=
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Examiner.com writes: In a stunning development that could potentially send the nation into a Constitutional crisis, an astute attorney who is well-versed in Constitutional law states that the ruling against the state of Arizona by Judge Susan Bolton concerning its new immigration law is illegal .
"Does anyone read the U.S. Constitution these days? American lawyers don’t read it. Federal Judge Susan R. Bolton apparently has never read it. Same goes for our illustrious Attorney General Eric Holder. But this lawyer has read it and she is going to show you something in Our Constitution which is as plain as the nose on your face.
"Article III, Sec. 2, clause 2 says:
"In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction."
In other words, the Judge in the Arizona case has absolutely no Constitutional jurisdiction over the matter upon which she ruled.  As the Constitution makes abundantly clear, only the U.S. Supreme Court can issue rulings that involve a state.
This means that neither Judge Bolton nor the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, to which the case is being appealed, have any legal standing whatsoever to rule on the issue.
Thus, U.S. Attorney-General Eric Holder filed the federal government's lawsuit against the state of Arizona in a court that has no authority to hear the case.
In a related development, another explosive discovery was made by those who actually take the Constitution seriously.  The Constitution specifically allows an individual state to wage war against a neighboring country in the event of an invasion, should there be a dangerous delay or inaction on the part of the federal government.  This information was cited by United Patriots of America.
Palm Beach Post reports: No town hall meeting or constituent confab with freshman U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, feels complete until an audience member asks the tea party celebrity if he'd consider being the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee.
"I've always said that that's something I'd have to pray about, I'd have to talk to my family about, make sure we make the right decision," West began. "But if someone asks you to step up and serve your country, I'm not going to turn my back on my country."
West added: "I'm not going to say no, but I doubt that I'm on anyone's list for consideration." http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/state/u-s-rep-allen-west-wont-turn-my-2103679.html?printArticle=y
Defend the vote reports: In Illinois we have the craziest election system.  Reputed to be the most corrupt, Illinois does not have any oversight or audit of the early vote.  In the smaller counties using optical scan systems, this is problematic but not as consequential as in Chicago and Cook County. In both election jurisdictions they vote electronically with an electronic ballot system that has never been audited; both in terms of the actual vote count and of the software recording the vote. 18% of the vote in Illinois NEVER sees the light of day. 
Ten days ago we pulled petitions for various presidential and delegate candidates running for office in Illinois.  The original purpose was to investigate voter registration fraud. This investigation continues.
On Friday. January. 2012, I requested 60 petitions of these candidates.  Each petition is placed on a single CD. 59 CD’s were correct.  The one for Barack Obama was blank.  Naturally on Saturday morning, we quickly appealed to the Board of Elections, requesting the petition be sent immediately. 
Upon inspecting the petitions, it was quickly discovered that Mr. Obama’s ballot application had significant errors.  Frankly, we were astounded to see how sloppy it was; missing notary signatures, missing pages, and with slews of unregistered voters.
  As a result, three of us have decided to challenge Mr. Obama's petitions.  What does this mean? It means we do not believe he has the 3000 good signatures required by Illinois law to get on the ballot.  If we prevail, Mr, Obama will not appear on the ballot in the Primary election.  I don't know what the ramifications are for the General election in November.  http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=dc7e34c0cb16d56936e2a2607&id=b77333fb7a&e=3e3215dfa5
Daily Caller reports: Occupy DC Is Not Leaving McPherson Square, Will Not Cave to Mayor Gray’s Political Posturing
[This is the same park whose signs and tents I photographed while recently in D.C.  The peaceful, organized encampment I saw, I have learned, followed their injury of a police officer, and now they refuse to leave - thinking they alone have the right to make the laws.  I should have known it was too good to be true, their mid-afternoon calm.]
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/16/occupy-dc-wont-be-driven-from-their-filthy-rat-infested-encampments-you-fascists/#ixzz1jilUucqg
Washington Post reports: A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows a new high — 84 percent of Americans — disapproving of the job Congress is doing, with almost two-thirds saying they “disapprove strongly.” Just 13 percent of Americans approve of how things are going after the 112th Congress’s first year of action, solidifying an unprecedented level of public disgust that has both sides worried about their positions less than 10 months before voters decide their fates. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/84-percent-of-americans-disapprove-of-the-job-congress-is-doing-poll-finds/2012/01/11/gIQAhQVr3P_story.html
The great Thomas Sowell explains to us: Gross inequalities in skills and achievements have been the rule, not the exception, on every inhabited continent and for centuries on end. Yet our laws and government policies act as if any significant statistical difference between racial or ethnic groups in employment or income can only be a result of their being treated differently by others.
Nor is this simply an opinion. Businesses have been sued by the government when the representation of different groups among their employees differs substantially from their proportions in the population at large. But, no matter how the human race is broken down into its components -- whether by race, sex, geographic region or whatever -- glaring disparities in achievements have been the rule, not the exception.
Higher achieving groups -- whether classes, races or whatever -- are often blamed for the failure of other groups to achieve. Politicians and intellectuals, especially, tend to conceive of social questions in terms that allow them to take on the role of being on the side of the angels against the forces of evil.
This can be a huge disservice to those individuals and groups who are lagging behind, for it leads them to focus on a sense of grievance and victimhood, rather than on how they can lift themselves up instead of trying to pull other people down.
Again, this is a worldwide phenomenon -- a sad commentary on the down side of the brotherhood of man. http://townhall.com/columnists/thomassowell/2012/01/17/an_ignored_disparity/page/full/
Washington Examiner writes: Something questionable is going on when a state chapter of the Service Employees International Union advertises on the SEIU national website a "Lead Internal Organizer/Home Care (LiA)" position paying up to $65,000 a year for somebody with the following qualifications:
• Train and lead members in non-violent civil disobedience, such as occupying state buildings and banks, and peaceful resistance.
• Plan and execute strategic direct action field plans including banner drops, bank takeovers, and capitol occupations with membership, other local unions, and coalition partners.
• Execute field plans for special campaigns including contract campaigns, ballot initiatives, COPE contributions, general membership growth and the broader campaign to fight for a fair economy.
(For those not familiar with SEIU nomenclature, "COPE" stands for Committee on Political Education, which the national union describes as the "300,000 SEIU members, staff and retirees who contribute an average of $7 a month." That at least explains the source of some $25.2 million of SEIU's beaucoup campaign money for Democrats.)
According to the SEIU ad, the person hired for this position would be responsible for leading an eight-member team whose work focuses on building "networks to take action in a variety of campaigns. The LiA team does not handle traditional representational duties, such as contract enforcement or bargaining." In other words, this person will head one of many similar teams doing work that has nothing to do with anything traditionally associated with labor unions like bargaining on behalf of employees.
No, what SEIU is looking for is somebody who has no qualms about joining with other union-trained cadres and like-minded people from other organizations to invade government buildings such as state buildings and private banks --
Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/editorials/2012/01/bored-union-organizing-seiu-gears-thuggery/2102236#ixzz1jirCDL9z


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