Saturday, December 31, 2011

[above is a photo of Occupy Washington, very close to the White House and the Willard Hotel]
Washington Examiner reports: District authorities have charged an Occupy DC protester with assaulting a police officer and assault with a dangerous weapon – his shoes – after the Occupier kicked a U.S. Park Police officer so hard in the groin that the officer vomited, court documents show.
James Donald Ruffin, of Sandy Springs, Ga., was arrested during an altercation at the McPherson Square Occupy camp Thursday.
Park Police were called to the scene after a reported assault on a female, according to court documents. When they arrived, an unidentified woman told officers that Ruffin had entered her tent, vomited on her and then started jumping on her and others in the tent, according to court documents.
In McPherson Square, Occupiers distanced themselves from the incident, saying Ruffin’s actions were not in keeping with the camp’s nonviolent message. One protester called the incident “immature” and said protesters have no excuses to fight with police, adding that the Park Police have treated Occupiers with respect thus far.
“I think once you lay your hand on a police officer, there’s no good for anyone involved,” said Sarah Hines, a protester at the other Occupy camp at Freedom Plaza.
McPherson Square protester Anthony Sluder said the Occupiers are sending Kellenberger, the injured officer, a get-well card.  [When I visited the Occupy site near the White House, I read the list of  Principles and congratulated the three men sitting there for being the first Occupy group in my knowledge that have such responsible principles.  We did not discuss their desires however.  It is the first real list of demands I have seen, as the group tends to refrain from forming a platform.]
Read more at the Washington Examiner:  

 There were not many protesters present when I visited their encampment.

All photos by Conservativekaren

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