Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Madame Pelosi says Boeing should close, or unionize; Obama seeks to continue funding UNESCO; Arpaio promises surprises regarding Obama eligibility; 30% of companies may drop health coverage; The poor are indeed getting richer; Occupy Wall St. causes employees to lose jobs; Harry Reid, on Freddie and Fannie bonuses; US sues another state over immigration law; Occupy protesters checking themselves for STDs; Handgun instruction refuses to teach Muslims; Conservatives like Cain because "they think he's a black man who knows his place"; Why we "lost our ambition"

Redstate reports: Nancy Pelosi Goes ‘Rogue’: Boeing Should Either Close Down SC Plant Or Unionize It

In fairness, Pelosi’s advisers may have neglected to tell the former speaker that the South Carolina plant was once unionized before employees chose to exercise their rights to become union-free. Her advisers may have also neglected to tell the former speaker that the only reason the Machinists union likely filed charges against Boeing is because those employees chose to exercise their rights to become union free–which would be unlawful retaliation on the part of the union.
Expose Obama reports: The Obama administration has hinted that it could seek to evade legal requirements that the United States cease funding of the U.N. Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) following a vote to approve the Palestinian Authority’s full membership in the agency.
Two laws that Congress passed in the 1990s require the United States to cut UNESCO funding if the agency admits Palestine,and the United Nations voted on Monday to make the Palestinian Authority a member. The State Department has announced that the United States has stopped funding UNESCO because of the vote.
But according to the New York Times,“David T. Killion,the American ambassador [to UNESCO],said that the United States,‘remains deeply committed’ to UNESCO. But he said that Monday’s decision,which he repeatedly called premature,‘will complicate our ability to support UNESCO.’ The United States will seek other means to support the agency,Mr. Killion said,although he did not offer specifics about any avenues under consideration”….
World Net Daily reports: Arizona's maverick Sheriff Joe Arpaio promised surprises in his jurisdiction's investigation of Barack Obama's eligibility for the presidential ballot and his Cold Case Posse is delivering – raising questions that touch on the authenticity of the long-form birth certificate issued last April and the possibility Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security Number.
"The posse wants to see the entire microfilm roll containing Obama's birth certificate, not just a microfilm copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate in isolation," Corsi explained. "An individual microfilm copy could be forged, but forging the entire microfilm reel on which Obama's birth certificate is in sequence would be almost impossible."
Also, Corsi said, the posse wants the ink-and-paper original 1961 Obama birth records still held in vault by the Hawaii Department of Health to be released publicly and subjected to independent court-authorized forensic examination.
Read more: Sheriff Joe's posse delivers promised Obama surprise

Fox Nation reports: Obamacare Nightmare: 30% of Companies May Drop Health Coverage.  [There is some change we can believe in!]


The OC Register explains: A Congressional Budget Office study has claimed that between 1979 and 2007 after-tax income for richest households grew substantially more than it did for others.
Let's look at what is not happening. The poor are not getting poorer because the rich are getting richer. Gary Burtless of the Brookings Institution says living standards have improved for the poor and middle-class since 1980, in comments he provided for an American Enterprise Institute study, Oct. 25. He notes real income and consumption for middle and bottom income levels improved. Indeed, the poor and the middling are getting richer, not poorer.
The unusual cases in which middle-income living standards stopped rising involve "a fairly brief period – say, the last five or ten years, when living standards have been affected by a steep recession and anemic recovery," Mr. Burtless writes. Alternatively, declining living standards over two or three decades, involve a trend "within fairly narrow slices of the population – unmarried men in their 20s and early 30s who have below-average schooling...or groups that have been particularly hard hit in the recent slump."
Next, many of those at the bottom don't stay there. They move up. Many people at the bottom today are not the same people who used to be there.
Fifty percent moved from one quintile to another. Forty-four percent of households in the lowest quintile in 2001 moved into a higher quintile six years later. Thirty-four percent in the top quintile fell into lower quintiles. 
The rich are paying more than they used to. The Tax Foundation finds "a very strong trend...throughout the last three decades" of the top 1 percent of earners paying an increasing share of income taxes. In 2009, the top 1 percent's share of income taxes was 36.7 percent, higher than any year prior to 2000, and double what it was in 1980. That is partly because a record 42 percent of tax-filers paid no tax or received money back, thanks to ever-growing refundable tax credits. The Tax Foundation says income is now more evenly distributed than it was under most of Clinton's second term.
CBS NY writes: The Occupy Wall Street movement, which says its goals include improving the economic lot for 99 percent of Americans, may have some explaining to do to some cafe workers now out of a job. Mark Epstein, owner of the Milk Street Cafe at 40 Wall Street, just let 21 employees go.
The reason? The barricades police have set up throughout Wall Street as a consequence of the ongoing demonstration.
Daily Caller writes: When asked for his response to ten executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac receiving $12.79 million in bonuses, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said a “gag reflex in front of all you would be improper, that’s how I feel about it.”

Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming called on President Obama to cancel the bonuses.
“I’m calling on the president of the United States to cancel those bonuses and explain to the American people, the taxpayers who bailed out Freddie and Fannie, why he continues to reward failure,” said Barrasso on Tuesday.
[Now there is a "we can't wait" executive order we could all support - cancel big bonuses for those in companies which have taken a bailout!]
Examiner writes: The Obama administration, through Attorney General Eric Holder, yesterday filed a lawsuit against a new immigration law, this time in South Carolina. The White House is accusing that state of interfering with the federal government's authority on immigration policy.
South Carolina now joins Arizona and Alabama in being civilly prosecuted for attempting to halt the flow of illegal aliens into the state.  Obama and Holder are quick to sue states that attempt to enforce immigration laws, but not states that refuse to obey them.
NY Post reports: Occupy Wall Street protesters are flocking to nearby health clinics for STD and HIV testing after getting their freak on in ’60s-style hookups with crusty strangers, sources told The Post yesterday.
“Last week was free love,” said a medical professional at a clinic located a short walk from Zuccotti Park, referring to the number of people who organizers have referred for sexually transmitted disease testing.
A volunteer at the park admitted concern among protesters about STDs.
CBS Houston reports: On a YouTube clip that has gone viral, brash Texas handgun instructor Crockett Keller defiantly tells Muslims and non-Christian Arabs he won’t teach them how to handle a firearm. State officials see the ad as possible discrimination, and may revoke Keller’s instructor license.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ American Thinker writes: MSNBC's Martin Bashir hosted contributor Karen Finney who proclaimed that conservatives only liked Cain because, "they think he's a black man who knows his place."
And even as late as June of this year, while Edwards faced criminal indictment for his attempts to illegally cover-up the scandal, fellow white liberals like Chris Matthews continued to defend him, suggesting that his prosecution was, "one of those [politically motivated] things you read about in third world countries."
The attack on Cain certainly isn't the first of its kind.  The original high-tech lynching of conservative Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas for the same stereotypical allegations, the constant attacks on "Uncle Tom" economists Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, the belligerent nastiness directed at self-proclaimed welfare brat turned conservative champion Star Parker, and the persistent threats faced by tea-party Congressman Allen West all stand as stark depictions of the regard liberals have for blacks who dare to think differently than them.
If nothing else, at least we now know what PBS's Tavis Smiley meant several months ago when he promised this election would be "the most racist in the history of this Republic."  The left is seeing to that. 
Read more:
ABC News reports: Anita Perry, the wife of GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, was the latest conservative figure to chide President Obama for saying last week that the American people have “lost our ambition.”
During a short speech in Washington, D.C., tonight, Perry said she was “astounded” by the president’s comments.
“Mr. President, if Americans have lost their ambition it’s because you taxed it out of them,” Perry said.

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