Friday, September 16, 2011

No praying in the streets of Paris; More money to Dept. of Education results in 4 decade-low SATs; Star Wars video game adds same-sex romances; Solyndra scandal and Obama's campaign bundler; D.C. Mayor's aid admits to voter fraud; $19 Billion in fraudulent state unemployement benefits were paid; Obama administration closes public access to online database of physician malpractice records; EPA again delays global warming regulations

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, "...and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them."

The UK Telegraph reports: Praying in the streets of Paris is against the law starting Friday, after the interior minister warned that police will use force if Muslims, and those of any other faith, disobey the new rule to keep the French capital's public spaces secular. 

Claude Guéant said that ban could later be extended to the rest of France, in particular to the Mediterranean cities of Nice and Marseilles, where "the problem persists".
He promised the new legislation would be followed to the letter as it "hurts the sensitivities of many of our fellow citizens".
"My vigilance will be unflinching for the law to be applied. Praying in the street is not dignified for religious practice and violates the principles of secularism, the minister told Le Figaro newspaper.
"All Muslim leaders are in agreement," he insisted.

The Washington Post reveals: SAT reading scores for graduating high school seniors this year reached the lowest point in nearly four decades, reflecting a steady decline in performance in that subject on the college admissions test, the College Board reported Wednesday.
In the Washington area, one of the nation’s leading producers of college-bound students, educators were scrambling to understand double-digit drops in test scores in Montgomery and Prince William counties and elsewhere.

Big Hollywood reports: Apparently, after selling somewhere around 500,000 copies to unsuspecting families everywhere, the creators of the video game “Star Wars: The Old Republic” have decided to add same-sex romances to the online feature.
Say goodbye to your child’s innocence.
Though Star Wars: The Old Republic has wooing, romance, and all that soppy stuff one would expect from a BioWare game, the developer had so far said that the MMORPG would only allow coupling with NPCs of the opposite sex, not same-sex pairings. Delightfully, it’s now changed its mind, announcing that same-sex romance will be added post-launch.
The revelation comes from an official statement posted on the game’s official forums (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun): 


Expose Obama writes: The Obama administration’s Solyndra scandal goes beyond pressuring career federal employees to approve a $535 million loan guarantee to a company largely held by an Obama crony. When the government restructured the loan in February, officials appear to have broken the law by allowing the company’s private investors to recoup their funds before U.S. taxpayers get their money back.

Much of the media and political backlash has focused on the Obama administration’s lobbying for the loan’s swift approval in 2009. George Kaiser bundled between $50,000-$100,000 in campaign contributions for Obama in 2008, and the George Kaiser Family Foundation controls 35.7 percent of Solyndra Inc. Despite analysts’ significant misgivings about the company’s viability, the well-connected company received approval on the administration’s expedited schedule.;_ylc=X3oDMTBucmhobGR0BF9TAzM5ODMwMTAyNwRhYwNkZWxNc2dz&mid=1_159_AD7ci2IAADslTnL0ZwVy%2BWqqbHE&fid=Inbox&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&filterBy=&.rand=241860488&hash=5fe7693ae7d65ec92ea8670a42080e41&.jsrand=826557


Expose Obama writes: After confessing to what appears to constitute voter fraud, high-level Democratic Party insider Andrea “Andi” Pringle has abruptly quit her post as senior aide to Washington,D.C.,mayor Vincent Gray.
Barely a week into the job,Pringle,who was Gray’s deputy chief of staff,resigned her recently position after admitting she voted in the September 2010 primary election in the District of Columbia even though she was residing at that time in neighboring Montgomery County,Md. In her resignation letter Pringle said she was quitting because she had “become a distraction from the important work of”Gray’s administration,as local media in the nation’s capital have reported.
The resignation comes as several U.S. states initiate a crackdown on voter fraud. It also comes weeks after it was reported that Lessadolla Sowers,a member of the executive board of the Tunica County,Miss.,NAACP,was sentenced to five years in prison for voting 10 times in the names of other people.
The Wall St. Journal writes: Nearly $19 billion in state unemployment benefits were paid in error during the three years that ended in June, new Labor Department data show.
he amount represents more than 10% of the $180 billion in jobless benefits paid nationwide during the period. (See a sortable chart of each states’ overpayments) The tally covers state programs, which offer benefits for up to 26 weeks, from July 2008 to June 2011. Layers of federal programs that help provide benefits for up to 99 weeks weren’t included.

Improper payments most often occur when recipients claim benefits even though they have returned to work; employers or their administrators don’t submit timely or accurate information about worker separations; or recipients don’t correctly register with a state’s employment-service organization.
The LA Times reports: Patient advocacy groups and leading journalism associations are protesting a decision by the Obama administration to close public access to an online database of anonymous physician disciplinary and malpractice records.

The groups are calling on the Health Resources and Services Administration, or HRSA, to restore public access to the data, which journalists, researchers and consumer advocates have relied on to expose dangerous medical practices.

“Reporters for years have used this database to help document lax oversight of doctors by their state's medical boards,” said Charles Ornstein, president of the Assn. of Health Care Journalists, one of three journalism groups that sent a letter to the HRSA administrator Thursday.
“It is important to understand that the law that created the National Practitioner Data Bank requires that information about individual practitioners [doctors, nurses, etc.] must remain confidential,” said HRSA spokesman Martin Kramer.
“When HRSA became aware that a reporter in Kansas City was able to use the information in the Public Use File and other information to obtain details about a specific physician we had no choice but to take down the Public Use File.”,0,6100698.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fnews%2Fpolitics+%28L.A.+Times+-+Politics%29

The Washington Examiner reports: For the second time in four months the Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that they will again delay the release of their much anticipated global warming regulations.
An EPA spokeswoman told National Journal Thursday that the EPA will not issue caps on greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to the Clean Air Act by their latest September 30th deadline. The EPA had originally promised the environmental activist groups suing the federal government that they would issue global warming regulations by July 26th.
The EPA's latest retreat on climate change regulation comes almost two weeks after President Obama ordered EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to rescind her ozone rules

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