Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Illegal aliens garner $4.2 billion from Additional Child Tax Credits last year; U.S. troops in Iraq to drop to 3000; Professors say Tea Party harbors racial hostility; City sewer worker makes more than mayor, police commissioner and schools chancellor- combined; Even Robert Redford sours on Obama; New video games "Tea Party Zombies Must Die"; Some Republicans to skip Obama address; Obama may not be up to the task; A new war threatens America, one from within; Green energy company bankruptcy once again puts taxpayers at the end of the line

Redstate opines: Throughout the entire debt ceiling imbroglio, Democrats incessantly regurgitated the talking point about the need for “a balanced approach.”
Well, it turns out that illegal aliens, most of which pay zero in net taxes, enjoyed $4.2 billion from the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) last year.  That’s more than the annual revenue from the selected oil tax deductions and corporate jet deductions combined!
Yesterday, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Collection released a shocking report detailing how illegal aliens are able to utilize a filing loophole to obtain billions in ACTC funds.  The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and ACTC (unlike the base child tax credit) are totally refundable and can award the recipient with a negative tax balance.  Appropriations for the EITC in FY 2010 were $54.7 billion and $28.3 billion for the ACTC.  While EITC appropriations are protected from illegals (those who don’t engage in identity theft) because they are only awarded to those who provide a valid Social Security number, the same cannot be said for the ACTC.
Although the law prohibits aliens residing without authorization in the United States from receiving most Federal public benefits, an increasing number of these individuals are filing tax returns claiming the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), a refundable tax credit intended for working families.  The payment of Federal funds through this tax benefit appears to provide an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside, and work in the United States without authorization, which contradicts Federal law and policy to remove such incentives. […]
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Fox News reports: Obama administration decides to reduce the number of U.S. troops in Iraq to 3,000 by the end of the year, Fox News has learned, as senior commanders are said to be livid at the decision.
Vision to America writes: Two years after it burst onto the political scene, the TEA Party is getting a critical eye from political science academics who say the movement’s adherents are knowledgeable and religiously devout — but hypocritical and more likely to be motivated by “racial resentment.”
Gathering this weekend in Seattle for the annual American Political Science Association convention, several professors argued that TEA Party Republicans are more likely than other voters and more likely than most others in the GOP to harbor racial hostility, as judged by their answers in a broad pre-election survey administered in October.
NY Daily News writes: A city sewer worker made more last year than the police commissioner, the schools chancellor and the mayor - combined.
Senior engineer Gerald Mistretta's pay was $771,841 - and six of his co-workers raked in nearly as much - thanks to a wage settlement with the city.
His bottom line for the fiscal year that ended in June included a base salary of $109,850 a year, $173,000 in overtime - and nearly half a million dollars in back pay.
The Brooklyn father of three said the one-shot windfall - which made him the top earner among city employees last year - made up for 16 years he went without a raise.
Newsbusters opines: Barack Obama's Hope and Change ether appears to be wearing off on Robert Redford.
On Friday evening, the Oscar-winning actor and environmental activist published a rather scathing piece at the Huffington Post about the man Hollywood blindly put all its faith behind in 2008:
One reason I supported President Obama is because he said we must protect clean air, water and lands. But what good is it to say the right thing unless you act on it?  Since early August, three administration decisions -- on Arctic drilling, the Keystone XL pipeline and the ozone that causes smog -- have all favored dirty industry over public health and a clean environment. Like so many others, I'm beginning to wonder just where the man stands.
Media Research tv reports: Controversial online video game "Tea Party Zombies Must Die" allows players to slaughter Tea Partiers and famous conservatives with a variety of weapons. The graphic, offensive, and violent game was created by StarvingEyes Advergaming but does not have any obvious connection to or advertisement for any other group.
Yahoo News reports: When President Obama delivers his address on a new job-creation plan to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, he won't be speaking to a sold-out crowd. Several lawmakers are still determining whether it is worth their time to stay in Washington to hear the president, and some are already planning to skip it. Republican Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia is the latest to announce that he will not be attending, and will instead watch the speech from his office across the street. During the speech, Broun will post his comments about Obama's remarks on Twitter, a tradition he keeps during State of the Union addresses.
Broun remained in his office during Obama's State of the Union address in January, providing his own commentary on the social networking website throughout the speech.
"Mr. President, you don't believe in the Constitution. You believe in socialism," one of Broun's tweets read.
Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh was the first to announce his intentional absence last week, saying he didn't want to act as a "prop" for Obama's speech.
In the upper chamber, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, a member of the Senate Tea Party Caucus, told Jon Karl of ABC News that he "probably" won't show up either.

NY Daily News opines: -President Obama is running out of time to remedy a threat far more lethal to his political survival than a cratering economy - a growing perception he just isn't up to the task.
A Daily News survey of party officials, campaign strategists and political consultants reveals that Obama is perilously close to being tuned out.
"People simply don't have much confidence that the President has either the experience or the credibility to make a difference in the economy," one of his most stalwart supporters told The News.
American Thinker opines: A new war that threatens to unravel American society may be brewing.  The war has already been openly and publicly declared.  Not by a foreign enemy or even a terrorist organization, but by members of the United States Congress.  By union leaders.  And by the vice president of the United States.
Even while successfully implementing the most radical leftist agenda this country has ever known, Barack Obama, the Messiah of the radical, socialist left, has taken some big body blows.  Frustrated, disillusioned, and angry, the liberal wing of the Democratic party is becoming unhinged day by day as they witness the meltdown.  They believe Obama caved to Republicans on the debt deal.  He caved on taxing the rich.  He caved on new smog regulations, and, embarrassingly, he caved to House Speaker John Boehner when attempting to schedule a speech to a joint session of Congress on the same evening as a Republican presidential debate.  In the midst of plummeting poll numbers, Obama has been behaving like a beaten man.  He still talks the talk, but the left is petrified that their man is not capable of walking the walk, and that he's all but ready to cave once again and virtually concede the 2012 presidential election to those evil Republicans. 
While California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters screams that the "TEA Party can go straight to hell," mainstream media outlets say little.  Waters theorized that banks might behave differently if they were surrounded by angry citizens demanding their money -- in effect, advocating a run on banks.  She later threatened to tax banks out of business if they did not provide loan modifications to keep people in their homes.  Mainstream media reports?  Just listen for the crickets.

American Thinker reports: [Solyndra is the green energy company which recently declared bankruptcy after taking $535 million in Stimulus funds] Administration put taxpayers at the back of the line for Solyndra assets.  But the latest revelation is especially appalling. Instead of cutting our losses, the administration double-downed and willfully subordinated taxpayers' claims to the money behind those of Solyndra's private investors.

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