Thursday, September 29, 2011

Governor Christie's "American exceptionalism"; Khilafah conference in Chicago (Revolution for worldwide Caliphate); Islamizing shcool curriculum in Ameria; OnStar faces revolt, backs down; Photos of bin Laden would damage national security; Obama imitates Baptist preacher in speech; International "Open Government" initiative from Obama State Department; Kentucky office-seeker would pass one law - to impeach Obama; White House security official praises cleric connected with Muslim Brotherhood in America; "There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide" - but we are a Republic; Most of Alabama's immigration law upheld; Can "individual mandate" be severed from Obamacare?; Pharmaceutical manufacturers condemn Obama's jobs bill; Dinner with Obama raffle is only $3; Bloomberg, government overreach, and the UN; China challenges US power in South China Sea; Europeans not buying Obama's lecture; Ford not exactly tough, caves to White House; Exact quotes of Obama's words now racist; Solyndra loan may ensnare Energy Secretary Chu

The Wall St. Journal opines: The New Jersey Governor spoke about the obligations of leadership, especially Presidential leadership, but his larger theme was the meaning of "American exceptionalism." He defined that oft-abused phrase not in the context of assertive American power overseas, as the left likes to caricature it, but as the power of America's example that flows from economic and political success at home. "Earned American exceptionalism," he called it.
Mr. Christie is onto something that is likely to resonate with Americans who are worried about their economic prospects and increasingly disappointed with President Obama's response. As Mr. Christie put it, Mr. Obama ran on themes of postpartisan inspiration and U.S. revival in 2008. But "now, seven years later, President Obama prepares to divide our nation to achieve re-election. This is not a leadership style. This is a re-election strategy."
The Anti-Defamation League reports: Hizb ut-Tahrir's American branch convened its second Khilafah conference in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, Illinois, on June 26, 2011. The conference, which was not advertised as broadly as it first conference in 2009, was attended by approximately 250 people.
Messages at the 2011 conference, titled "Revolution in the Muslim World: From Tyranny to Triumph," primarily centered on promoting the organization's vision of establishing worldwide Caliphate and how the revolutions in the Middle East affect the movement's goals.
One session at the conference, titled "Breaking the Shackles," gave voice to the organization's idea that capitalist and nationalist systems of the West are "enemies to Islam," and the only solution is for a unified Islamic state to replace such systems with "the rule of Allah," Sharia, and the Sunnah. The speaker at this session, indentified as Brother Abu Saib, offered the February 2011 ousting of the Mubarak regime in Egypt as evidence of the Islamic nation awakening and starting on a path toward establishing a Caliphate.
American Thinker opines: Last week, we found that schools across Georgia were Islamizing the curriculum by selling misogyny to children.  They were using a lesson plan that glorifies the cloth coffin that Muslims dress women in, as well as polygamy:
My name is Ahlima and I live in Saudi Arabia. ... Perhaps two differences Westerners would notice are that women here do not drive cars and they wear abuyah. An abuyah is a loose-fitting black cloth that covers a woman from head to toe. I like wearing the abuyah since it is very comfortable, and I am protected from blowing sand. ... I have seen pictures of women in the West and find their dress to be horribly immodest. ... Women in the West do not have the protection of the Sharia as we do here. If our marriage has problems, my husband can take another wife rather than divorce me, and I would still be cared for. ... I feel very fortunate that we have the Sharia.
A parent, Hal Medlin, complained: "I thought this was absurd.  [The teacher] was trying to compare Islamic rules of dress and how they compared to school uniforms, which I thought was a stretch.  The principal and the [superintendent] agreed with me ... but they wouldn't agree with my premise that it put Islam in a positive light because of the [statements]."
Of course it put Islam in a positive light.  This is not education; this is proselytizing.  Bear in mind that these letters are fictitious -- propaganda created to soft sell misogyny.  It is time our children were taught about the 270 million victims of over a millennium of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations, and enslavements.  And the systematic dehumanization of women: honor killings, clitorectomies, and so much more.  Where is the caning?  Where is the prohibition of women leaving the house without a male family member?  Where is the prohibition of women driving?
This document was hosted on a public school district's official website.  When we called attention to it, the lesson was quickly pulled and scrubbed from the web.  But I have screenshots of everything, because I knew that as soon as I exposed this dawah (Islamic proselytizing), the school official quislings would scrub this material.  And they did -- so they know that what they are promoting is wrong. 
This is dawah, a religious mandate in Islam.  It is proselytizing.  If this is happening in any way in your schools, do not sit idly by.  As I describe in my new book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance, you must take action.
Justin Hyde writes: [The power of the new media is on display.] In the face of a full-on revolt from users and pressure from Congress, Drudge Report and other media outlets, General Motors' OnStar service just announced it was reversing plans to keep tracking vehicles of its 6 million subscribers if they cancel the service. Now once it's off, it's off. The changes unveiled two weeks ago would have kept a data connection with any OnStar-equipped GM vehicle active unless an ex-subscriber specifically asked for it to be shut off. OnStar said it wanted to keep the connection alive to offer new services and alert vehicle owners in case of emergency or recalls —
The AP reports: Public disclosure of graphic photos and video taken of Osama bin Laden after he was killed in May by U.S. commandos would damage national security and lead to attacks on American property and personnel, the Obama administration contends in a court documents.
National Review writes: In the current racial circus, the president of the United States, in addressing an assembly of upscale black professionals and political leaders, adopts the style of a Southern Baptist preacher of the 1960s. He alters his cadences and delivery to both berate and gin up the large audience — posing as a messianic figure who will “march” them out to speak truth to power. 
Hope-and-change has now sunk into little more than a tawdry spectacle of racial spoils, as the president of the United States desperately cobbles together squabbling special-interest racial, ethnic, and gender groups in lieu of restoring the nation’s prosperity. Before the age of Obama, I don’t recall that some members of the Black Caucus was so ready to invite political opponents to “go straight to hell,” or to allege that they were veritable murderers eager to lynch blacks and restore slavery.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Accuracy in Media writes: Obama State Department and a George Soros-funded organization calling itself Global Integrity have launched an “Open Government” international initiative that should be a subject of late-night jokes.
“Here in the United States, we’ve worked to make government more open and responsive than ever before,” Obama said, as his administration fights congressional requests for information about the Solyndra bankruptcy and the U.S.-Brazil alliance to help the socialist and pro-Castro Latin American country develop its own oil resources.
Interestingly, the new “Open Government Partnership” project was announced on Tuesday at the United Nations by President Obama and Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist terrorist.
The Obama Administration’s failure to produce documents related to a $535 million federal loan guarantee issued to solar panel maker Solyndra prompted the Republican majority on a House Energy and Commerce Committee panel to subpoena the material.
Expose Obama writes: The Knoxville News Sentinel gave the three women seeking the Republican nomination a questionnaire asking if they could be guaranteed of passing just one law, what would they choose? Victoria DeFreese, a 37-year-old teacher and former Knox County Commissioner, responded:
Because the federal government manages the macro-economy and that impacts all states, if I could introduce one piece of legislation that would be ensured passage, I would suggest a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Obama. If we could join with other states and pursue that, that is what I would like to do.
World Net Daily opines: While visiting a mosque in the Washington area last week, a senior White House security official lavished praise on a Muslim cleric who happens to be a top leader of the radical Muslim Brotherhood in America, FBI investigators point out.
White House sources explain that deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough was unaware of the cleric's radical ties, and added that the presidential assistant attended the outreach event as a show of support for the Muslim community ahead of Thursday's congressional hearings on Muslim radicalization. Led by New York Republican Rep. Peter King, the planned hearings have already generated charges of "bigotry" from Muslim activists.
During his speech at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society in Sterling, Va., McDonough singled out the mosque's imam, Mohammed Magid, for praise.
"Thank you, Imam Magid, for your very kind introduction. I know that President Obama was very grateful that you led the prayer at last summer¹s Iftar dinner at the White House," he said. "Thank you, also, for being one of our nation's leading voices for the values that make America so strong, especially religious freedom and tolerance."
However, Sudanese-born Magid (aka Hagmagid Ali) is also president of the Islamic Society of North America – a terror-supporting organization and known front group for the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood's operations in America.
Read more: White House official praises Muslim Brotherhood leader
The New Republic writes: In an 1814 letter to John Taylor, John Adams wrote that “there never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” That may read today like an overstatement, but it is certainly true that our democracy finds itself facing a deep challenge: During my recent stint in the Obama administration as director of the Office of Management and Budget, it was clear to me that the country’s political polarization was growing worse—harming Washington’s ability to do the basic, necessary work of governing.  [Perhaps it would be instructive to point out to Mr. Herzog that America does not have a democracy.  Our form of government is a republic.  Perhaps the Adams quote was because of that.]
So what to do? To solve the serious problems facing our country, we need to minimize the harm from legislative inertia by relying more on automatic policies and depoliticized commissions for certain policy decisions. In other words, radical as it sounds, we need to counter the gridlock of our political institutions by making them a bit less democratic.,0&passthru=MGU3YjMxNDdlN2UyMjM2MTNhZGZjNDE2MjE2NjE2Nj
The Huntsville Times reports: A Birmingham federal judge today upheld most sections of Alabama's tough new immigration law.  U.S. District Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn ruled on a U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit seeking to block the law.
Blackburn upheld a provision of the state law related to police stops and detentions of people suspected of being in the country illegally.
She also upheld sections requiring schools to check the citizenship status of children and sections that would nullify contracts knowingly entered into with unauthorized aliens.
Blackburn also upheld a section making it a felony for "an alien not lawfully present in the United States" to apply for a license plate, driver's license, business license or other business license.   
On other provisions, Blackburn ruled that the state cannot:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- opines: The National Federation of Independent Business is asking the [Supreme] Court to overrule this holding - that the portion of the panel’s decision that held that the unconstitutional individual mandate could be severed from the Obamacare legislation, since “Congress itself deemed [the mandate] ‘essential’ to the Act’s new insurance regulations.” Given that the 11th and 6th Circuits have issued “directly conflicting final judgments about the facial constitutionality of [Obamacare’s] mandate,” the case is one that the Court should obviously take up given its interest in eliminating conflicting opinions in the courts of appeal.
What also differentiates this particular case from the many other lawsuits that have been filed against Obamacare is the “all star” lineup of Supreme Court litigators that the NFIB and the 26 states have lined up to argue their case before the Supreme Court.  [It is my recollection that in the haste to put this bill together Congress failed to insert the "severability clause" which would allow the rest of the law to stand if one part is deemed unconstitutional.]

Washington Times reports: The chief spokesman for pharmaceutical manufacturers says President Obama has stuck two thorns in the industry’s side at a time marked by uncertainty as lawmakers contemplate cutting health care programs and battles over the new health care law wind their way through the courts.
When the president presented his deficit-cutting plan last week, he included measures that will drive up drug prices and squash investment in companies that develop drugs and medical devices, said John Castellani, president of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).
[A chance for] Dinner with Obama down to $3... 
CNS News reports:  Speaking on the government's role in diet and health last week, Bloomberg told the UN General Assembly, “There are powers only governments can exercise, policies only governments can mandate and enforce and results only governments can achieve. To halt the worldwide epidemic of non-communicable diseases, governments at all levels must make healthy solutions the default social option. That is ultimately government’s highest duty.”
Breitbart reports: Philippine ex-president Fidel Ramos said Wednesday that China's recent assertiveness over sea disputes was motivated by a desire to challenge US power, as he predicted more tensions to come. On a visit to Washington, Ramos described China and the United States as "shadow-boxing" over the South China Sea and East China Sea where Beijing has growing friction with countries including the Philippines, Vietnam and Japan.
"China's proximate aim, it seems to me, is to limit American freedom of access" and "erode the credibility of Washington's security guarantees to the East Asian states, including and especially the Philippines," Ramos, who was president from 1992 to 1998, said at the Heritage Foundation think-tank.
Spiegel International writes: US President Obama has given the Europeans a harsh lecture on the dangers of their ongoing debt crisis. Offended by the unsolicited advice, Europeans have suggested the US get its own house in order first. Obama's remarks were "arrogant" and "absurd," German commentators say on Wednesday.,1518,788807,00.html

The NY Post opines on the recent Ford ad: In a single day this week, the Obama administration managed to chill the free market, stomp all over the First Amendment and -- once again -- bend Detroit’s auto industry to its political will.

Ford chose to pull the ad after “individuals inside the White House” complained about the devastating spot, a columnist at the Detroit News reported.
Such is the power of the administration that a company that rejected government meddling implicit in the bailout still felt it had to fall in line.
Ford doesn’t look splendid here, either. It developed the ad to show it’s not subservient to the White House -- then dropped it after a phone call, showing just how subservient it actually is.
Not exactly Ford Tough.
But there’s the rub.
Even though the bailout of Chrysler is complete (after taxpayers lost $14 billion) the Treasury still owns a $16-billion piece of Government, er, General Motors, or about a third of the company. Which means that for the foreseeable future, Detroit will remain Obama’s outpost on the Great Lakes -- where free speech and a free market seem to have little relevance.
American Spectator reports: Reporter Mark Smith quoted the President this way:
"Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes," he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted. "Shake it off. Stop complainin'. Stop grumblin'. Stop cryin'. We are going to press on. We have work to do."
Though that is precisely what the president said, it differed from the official White House transcript, which included the three missing g's. Smith, sensing something important not in the president's words, but in the way he delivered them, thought it important not to change them. For that simple application of journalistic integrity, he was called a racist.
On Chris Hayes' MSNBC show, author and, unbelievably, professor of journalism Karen Hunter said the AP story was "inherently racist." She explained, "I teach a journalism class, and I tell my students to fix people's grammar, because you don't want them to sound ignorant. For them to do that, it's code, and I don't like it."
At this point it might be worth noting that in 2009 Hunter said, also on MSNBC, that people who show disrespect to the president are racist.
The Hill writes: The controversy over a $535 million loan guarantee to the now-bankrupt California solar firm Solyndra is threatening to dim the star of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a physicist and Nobel Prize winner who has rarely been thrust into the political spotlight.  
Republicans are pointing to a recent Los Angeles Times story that says Chu disagreed with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and others when they raised concerns about the loan guarantee program during a meeting last October.


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