Monday, August 9, 2010

Voter Intimidation and Corruption by Barack Obama's Forces; Medical Missionaries Killed in Kabul; Dangerous Restriction to Access to Primary Care in Health Insurance

[How in this world did Barack Obama get elected???]    Accuracy in Media writes: Recently AIM interviewed Gigi Gaston, director of the documentary film, “We Will Not Be Silenced.” The film documents voter intimidation and corruption by forces working for then-candidate Barack Obama at Democratic precinct caucuses and state conventions during the 2008 Presidential primary. The filmmaker is surprising in that she is a lifelong Democrat, whose grandfather was the mayor of Boston and later the governor of Massachusetts, and she is a Hollywood screenwriter.
It was down to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. What she found, as described on the website for the film, was “falsified delegate counts, falsified documents, and other violations” And she describes the “disenfranchising of American citizens by the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign,” and said that the “infamous campaign of ‘change’ from Chicago encouraged and created an army to steal caucus packets, falsify documents, change results, allow unregistered people to vote, scare and intimidate Hillary supporters, stop them, threaten them, lock them out of their polling places, silence their voices, and stop their right to vote.”
Medical News Today reports: The first for-profit insurance company approved to offer government-subsidized coverage under Massachusetts' health reform has dangerously restricted access to primary care, according to data reported in Thursday's (Aug. 5) New England Journal of Medicine. Researchers say the findings raise troubling concerns about the Obama administration's new health law, which is modeled after the Massachusetts plan.
The Washington Times reports: In Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals who accuse him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to the U.S. Border Patrol, he said, after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home.  His Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., is known by federal and county law enforcement authorities as "the avenue of choice" for immigrants seeking to enter the United States illegally.
Trial continues Monday in the federal lawsuit, which seeks $32 million in actual and punitive damages for civil rights violations, the infliction of emotional distress and other crimes. Also named are Mr. Barnett's wife, Barbara, his brother, Donald, and Larry Dever, sheriff in Cochise County, Ariz., where the Barnetts live. The civil trial is expected to continue until Friday.
The lawsuit is based on a March 7, 2004, incident in a dry wash on the 22,000-acre ranch, when he approached a group of illegal immigrants while carrying a gun and accompanied by a large dog.
Phoenix, AZ (JULY 17) - J.D Hayworth, running against John McCain in Arizona says:  Sen. John McCain looked the people of Arizona in the eye during last night's televised debate and lied when he said "And by the way I never supported amnesty."In Worth the Fighting For, his 2002 memoir, Sen. John McCain explains why he supported South Carolina’s right to fly the Confederate flag during the 2000 presidential primary. “I didn’t want to do this,” he writes. “But I could tell from the desperate looks of my staff that we had an enormous problem. And that it could come down to lying or losing. I chose lying.” I chose lying. Those three words are haunting McCain this week. J.D Hayworth, McCain’s chief opponent in Arizona’s Aug. 24 GOP Senate primary, has clipped the line from McCain’s audiobook.
On May 29, 2003, the Tucson Citizen quoted McCain saying: "Amnesty has to be an important part because there are people who have lived in this country for 20, 30 or 40 years, who have raised children here and pay taxes here and are not citizens."
He sponsored not once, but twice the McCain-Kennedy amnesty legislation that would cost American taxpayers $2.6 trillion in retirement benefits alone for illegal aliens who are granted amnesty.
And as late as April 10 of this year, his office was sending out letters that stated:  "Considering our national interest in identifying these individuals (illegal aliens) and our inability to round up and deport all of them, we must provide these individuals with incentives to come forward, complete security background checks, pay any owed taxes and stiff penalties for breaking the law, learn to speak English, and regularize their status."
Hayworth said "regularize" is just McCain's latest code word for amnesty.
The New York Post opines:  “From Washington to Wall Street,” Reuters columnist James Pethokoukis wrote on Thursday, “there are rumors that the Obama administration is about to order government-controlled lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to forgive a portion of the mortgage debt of millions of Americans who owe more than what their homes are worth.” That’s right. “From Washington to Wall Street,” Reuters columnist James Pethokoukis wrote on Thursday, “there are rumors that the Obama administration is about to order government-controlled lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to forgive a portion of the mortgage debt of millions of Americans who owe more than what their homes are worth.” That’s right. If you bet badly in the housing-market casino of the Aughties, the government is thinking of refunding some of your chips so you can play again. You may have heard something about a sub-prime real-estate bubble that popped and nearly took down the financial system with it? President Obama wants to double down.
Unlike most rumors, this one became more, not less, plausible when you examine the details. The White House has made it clear in recent months that it is frustrated by what the Framers called “the legislative branch,” what President Obama calls “politics” and what I call “the wishes of the American people.”
However, Money News adds: The Obama administration is not considering a change to its policy regarding mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, a Treasury spokesman said on Thursday.
The actual vehicle for the bailout could be the Bush-era Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP, a sister program to Obama’s loan modification effort. HARP was just extended through June 30, 2011, Reuters Breakingviews reported. On Christmas Eve 2009, the Treasury Department waived a $400 billion limit on financial assistance to Fannie and Freddie, pledging unlimited help.

The move, if it happens, would be a stunning political and economic bombshell less than 100 days before a midterm election in which Democrats are currently expected to suffer massive, if not historic losses, Pethokoukis wrote.

The key date to watch is Aug. 17 when the Treasury Department holds a much-hyped meeting on the future of Fannie and Freddie, Reuters Breakingviews reported.

Pethokoukis wrote that Republican leaders believe this is going to happen since Republicans and Democratic moderates in the Senate are unwilling to spend more taxpayer money on more stimulus. But such a housing plan would allow the White House to sidestep congressional objections and show voters it is doing something tangible about an economy that seems to be weakening.

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  1. A lot going on and a lot to digest....had not heard of the law suit against the Arizona rancher--how could a bunch of Mexicans have ANY STANDING in our Court System to file any law suit?!!
    And, more corruption, fraud, deception from the Obama camp in elections, in financial policy, etc. Why are we not surprised !