Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wikileaks Endangers our Afghan War Effort and the Lives of Informants There; and Obama's Priorities vs. his Problems

Judge NAPOLITANO, on Fox News Network: [The judge reported that while interviewing Mr. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, Mr. Assange stated that] he presented the documents - there were over 100,000 pages of them, to the White House weeks before they were released. He wouldn't give me an exact date.
Is there anything in here that can't be released, that you want redacted, that you don't want released that you questioned the authenticity of? The White House's response was silence. 

"The White House is trying to downplay this, but the White House should look at the vote of the House of Representatives yesterday in which a hundred Democrats voted against the supplemental appropriation to fund the war in Afghanistan," Napolitano explained. "Those are people in the President's own party. When did they take that vote? Three days after the WikiLeaks documents came out."
And apparently, the Obama administration made no such effort and couldn't have cared less, or that's the impression that Mr. Assange gave," Napolitano said.
CBS News is reporting that Afghan informants have been specifically named in the leaked documents, including the names of their close relatives and the villages in which they live. American forces will now have to scramble to protect these informants, since they will now be subject to Taliban revenge attacks. Some, no doubt, will be killed. Other Afghans will, thus, not have a very great incentive to cooperate with American and Coalition forces

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has claimed that such sensitive information had been removed before the documents were posted. It is clear, though, that Assange is being less than accurate.
Assange's source in the US military has already been caught and will be prosecuted. The Swedish government allows Assange to publish with no legal sanction. Julian Assange himself travels constantly in order to avoid arrest.

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