Friday, June 11, 2010

EPA Vote; HIV Needles in Taliban Bombs; Iran's UN Sanctions; Seizing Oil Companies; What's Wrong with Obama; and more

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Wednesday that President Barack Obama should find someone's "ass to kick" regarding the budget deficit.
The Republican leader riffed off comments the president made Tuesday that he consults with experts on the BP oil spill to determine "whose ass to kick."
"Look, we’re broke," Boehner said in a statement. "We’re $13 trillion in debt, and 43 cents of every dollar the federal government spends this year we’re going to have to borrow and pass the bill on to our kids and grandkids.
"I think it’s time for Democrats here on Capitol Hill to start listening to the American people. They want spending cut and they want it cut now. And I’m wondering, why isn’t the president looking for someone’s ‘a-- to kick’ on this subject?"

On Thursday, the Senate voted No on S.J.Res.26, a resolution to block EPA from usurping powers never delegated to it by Congress. Failure means allowing EPA to go forward, apparently in flagrant violation of our constitutional traditions simply because too many in Congress desire, but can’t bear to take responsibility for, more of the Obama agenda. EPA’s breathtaking Power Grab raises questions critical to our form of governance. The powers EPA has claimed for itself include staking out national policy on the contentious “climate” issue, and even amending the Clean Air Act on its own initiative and authority.

From the UK: TALIBAN fighters are burying dirty needles with their bombs in a bid to infect British troops with HIV, The Sun can reveal.

Hypodermic syringes are hidden below the surface pointing upwards to prick bomb squad experts as they hunt for devices. The heroin needles are feared to be contaminated with hepatitis and HIV. And if the bomb goes off, the needles become deadly flying shrapnel.

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Iran dismissed new U.N. sanctions on Wednesday as "valueless," vowed to continue its nuclear work and warned it may reduce cooperation with the United Nations nuclear agency.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during a visit to Tajikistan: "these (U.N.) resolutions have no is like a used handkerchief that should be thrown in the waste bin."
"Sanctions are falling on us from the left and the right. For us they are the same as pesky flies...We have patience and we will endure throughout all of this," he said in comments in Farsi translated into Russian.
[In the I kid you not category, and as Glenn Beck reports]:  A Canadian youth soccer league and the new rule they introduced. Any team that wins a game by more than 5 points will lose by default. Yes, you read that correctly.   The rule intended to foster sportsmanship. [Well, that's a unique way to foster good clean competition, and being the best one can be, isn't it?]
Glenn Beck:  "Another brilliant idea from a Hollywood celebrity regarding the BP oil spill situation: seize them [the oil companies]! Yes, this is the kind of advanced thinking that conservatives could only dream of coming up with. Nothing bad could come of the government taking over our energy sector because government always runs things more smoothly and more efficiently than the private sector could ever dream of". O'DONNELL: "Seize their assets today, take over the country, I don't care. Issue an executive order. Say BP, guess what. Call it socialism, call it communism, call it anything you want. Let's watch Rush Limbaugh explode on TV when he talks".   [If this just seems silly to us, we must remember that this is what qualifies as good NEWS to those who are watching!  These people do not mind being labeled as Communist, for they like communism!  Do you recall that the young people knew of Sarah Palin only what Tina Fey depicted on Saturday Night Live?]
Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Maurice Ferré says the United States spends an ``absurd'' amount on end-of-life care and should gradually move to a universal health system in which the government controls costs by setting prices for medical procedures and capping expenditures based on age and medical condition.  [But don't you dare refer to this idea as using a "death panel"!] 
"We know how to enumerate safely because we are required to read" the Census handbook. "Number 3, 'wear comfortable shoes. These shoes may come in handy should there be a need to run . . . (And) as you walk toward your vehicle, scan beneath the vehicle for persons waiting to charge out at your ankles.' Who knew?"
* "I have been hired and laid off (by Census) five times. Each time I had to refill out paperwork as if a new hire, get fingerprinted, etc. Each training session is four days, at least 35 hours plus (50 cents a mile) mileage. Each assignment only lasts about one-third as long as told when called up."
"Working here in Kansas, we Census workers were basically ordered to obtain the info by any means possible, (including) asking neighbors. This strongarm tactic was enough to make several of us quit, as we felt it was a blatant violation of privacy since the Census forms clearly have 'refusal' as one of the choices."
* "I work Manhattan South. I have never seen such waste and inefficiencies in my working life. The Census makes a big deal about you living in the area you work in -- however, the guy who runs Manhattan lives in New Jersey."
"We are not supposed to wear any political signage, or talk politics, but in our training meeting the (unit leader) said, 'You have to be careful about Tea Party members, they are on purpose not giving out information and they may shoot you. They are nutjobs.' "

The following is a small part of a column in American Thinker titled:  A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama?

[For fascinating details of Obama's life as a child, do read the entire article.  It is not the first time I have read of this, and is shocking and unsavory to say the least.  That it is getting coverage in this venue proves how important it is.]  James Carville railed about Obama's blasé attitude after the catastrophic oil spill. The New York Times' Maureen Dowd revamped Obama's "Yes We Can" motto into "Will We Ever?"
The liberal women of the TV show "The View" have expressed sympathy for Michelle Obama's living with a man so out of touch. Peggy Noonan, hardly a vehement Obama foe, recently pronounced him disconnected.  
Obama is flat when passion is needed; he's aggressive when savvy is required. What's most worrisome is that Obama doesn't even realize that his behavior is inappropriate.
Yet a personality disorder like narcissism does not explain Obama's strangeness: his giggling while being asked about the economy; his continuing a shout-out rather than announcing the Ft. Hood shootings; or his vacations, golfing, partying and fundraising during the calamitous oil spill.

Take also Obama's declaring on the "Today Show" that he wants to know whose ass to kick. Consummate narcissists would never stoop to this vulgar display of adolescent machismo.

Obama is flat when passion is needed; he's aggressive when savvy is required. What's most worrisome is that Obama doesn't even realize that his behavior is inappropriate.
It means that liberals need to wake up and spit out the Kool-Aid...and that conservatives should put aside differences, band together, and elect as many Republicans as possible. Because Obama will not change. He will not learn from his mistakes. He will not grow and mature from on-the-job experience. In fact, over time, Obama will likely become a more ferocious version of who he is today. 

Why? Because this is a damaged person. Obama's fate was sealed years ago growing up in his strange and poisonous family. Later on, his empty vessel was filled with the hateful bile of men like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers. Obama will not evolve; he will not rise to the occasion; he will not become the man he was meant to be. This is for one reason and one reason alone:  He is not capable of it.
A frequent AT contributor, Robin is a psychotherapist in Berkeley and a recovering liberal. 

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  1. Good post. Lots of very disturbing things going on that we'd never hear about in most (liberal) media outlets.