Saturday, March 27, 2010

Troy Elenbaas's Letter to the Editor - Traverse City, MI, & Obama's Arrogance


     What happens when your president says he's saved jobs, even though we keep losing them?
     When he says, "Let me be clear", but makes absolutely no sense?
     When he blames his predecessor for being fiscally irresponsible, but goes on an unprecedented spending spree?
     When he says he won't appoint lobbyists, then appoints lobbyists?
     When he says he'll fix Washington corruption, then makes it worse?
     When he says we must fix the climate, even though it's not broken?
     When When he says we must borrow from China to fix our economy?
     When he states Obamacare should not use Reconciliation, then tries to pass it that way?
     When terrorists receive Miranda rights and they testimony prosecutes soldiers?
     When everyone deserves health care, even though some won't work?
     When he claims to be Christian, but prays in Islamic mosques?
     When the government takes over private business, despite the Constitution?
     What happens when an ornament of Mao Tse-tung hangs on the White House "holiday" tree?
     What happened to the truth, and how can we proceed without it?
    Courtesy of Troy Elenbaas of Traverse City, Michigan

[The arrogant, mocking, totally unpresidential President, in Iowa, celebrating the passage of his health care bill]:  "There's been plenty of fear-mongering, plenty of overheated rhetoric. You turn on the news, you'll see the same folks are still shouting about there's going to be an end of the world because this bill passed. (Laughter.) I'm not exaggerating. Leaders of the Republican Party, they called the passage of this bill "Armageddon." (Laughter.) Armageddon. "End of freedom as we know it."
So after I signed the bill, I looked around to see if there any -- (laughter) -- asteroids falling or -- (applause) -- some cracks opening up in the Earth. (Laughter.) It turned out it was a nice day. (Laughter.) Birds were chirping. Folks were strolling down the Mall. People still have their doctors.  [Just give it some time...]

Scott Brown was discussing this speech while appearing on Good Morning America:  At a rally in Iowa on Thursday, Obama dared Republicans to try to repeal the new health reform law. "If they want to have that fight, I welcome that fight," Obama said. "My attitude? Go for it."
Brown told "GMA" the president's rhetoric is "inappropriate."

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  1. Great letter, glad you published it with his permission...also, great photo of the quilt !