Friday, February 26, 2010

Executive Power, Obama's Czars, A Hussain as Obama's Special Envoy, & Pay Raises

A Washington Times Editorial opines that: "Exploiting executive power is nothing new for Mr. Obama. He has appointed more executive-branch policy "czars" than any of his predecessors. Sen. Robert C. Byrd, a liberal West Virginia Democrat, sent a letter to the White House in February 2009 expressing concern that a surfeit of czars can "threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances." But last fall, Mr. Obama pressured Democrats in the Senate to kill legislation that would have brought his czars under congressional oversight."
Mr. Obama seems to have basic problems with democracy. He doesn't like it when people disagree with him; he resists compromise, and he seems to think he should be free to reshape the country to suit his vision. Those who challenge him are ignored, mocked or told to shut up.
During his presidential campaign, Mr. Obama said, "Let me be perfectly clear: I have taught the Constitution, I understand the Constitution, and I will obey the Constitution when I am president of the United States." As president, however, he seems increasingly to view himself as a philosopher king. If Mr. Obama seeks to exploit executive power to ram through policies the American people oppose, they will hold him and his party accountable. There will be a lot for his successor to undo in 2013.

In 2005 President Obama described the "nuclear option" of reconciliation as being a "majoritarian absolute power, and not what the Founders intended.
In 2005 Chuck Schumer said: We are on the precipice of a constitutional crisis.  The system of checks and balances, which have been at the core of the Republic, is about to be evaporated by the "nuclear option".
In 2005, Joe Biden said: "I pray God when the Democrats take back control we don't make the kind of naked power grab you are doing."
My thanks to Rodney for this one:  President Obama has appointed 44 czars.  I could only find one of them on the White House Annual Report to Congress, @ $172,000 annual salary. Assuming that each Czar gets the same salary, $7,568,000 is being paid by us for these powerful unelected people.  If each Czar has 5 staffers at $40,000, then another $8,800,000 is being spent in this way.  Total - $16,368,000!
Front Page Magazine covers the controversy involving Rashad Hussain, the president's appointee to serve as Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference. "The turmoil caused by Hussain's appointment centers around comments he purportedly made in defense of Sami Al-Arian, a convicted terrorist and former leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Now, questions are rightfully being raised as to how a terrorist sympathizer has risen to such a position within the president's administration.
It’s just “anti-Muslim discrimination” to be concerned about Rashad Hussain’s support for Al-Arian, a vicious suicide-bombing supporter who chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” and clearly meant it. When two Islamic Jihad suicide bombers killed eighteen people in Israel in 1995, Al-Arian called them “two mujahidin martyred for the sake of God.”
is the Obama Administration wholly uninvolved – and unaware of the fact that the President has chosen as an envoy to the world’s leading organization of Islamic states a man who has openly declared his support for an admitted leader of a jihad terror group?"
From an email making the circuit:  Some people got a Raise, I  did not.....   
Your U.S.  House & Senate have voted  themselves  $4,700  and  $5,300  raises.      

1.   They voted to not give  you a S.S. cost of living  raise in
2010 and  2011.

2.  Your Medicaid  premiums will go up $285.60 for the  2-years  and you
will  not get the 3% COLA: $660/yr. Your  total  2-yr loss and  cost is
-$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and  wife           

3. Over 2-yrs, the House & Senate each get $10,000  raises

4.  Are you mad yet?

5.  WILL your  cost of drugs - doctor fees - local taxes -  food, etc.,
increase?  You  better believe they will!

6.   Do you  really think that Nancy, Harry, Chris, Charlie,  Barnie, et
al, care about  you?

Maybe it's time for........
Amendment  28:
"Congress shall make  no law that applies to the citizens of the  United
States that does not apply equally to  the Senators or Representatives,
and  Congress shall make no law that applies to the  Senators or
Representatives that does not  apply equally to the citizens of the
United  States ."
The United States has unveiled plans for its new $1 billion high-security embassy in London — the most expensive it has ever built.  And hear I thought we were trying to save taxpayers' money.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for unknown reasons, pledged Monday to move slowly on the implementation of upcoming greenhouse gas rules. Could the fraud in the science be a reason?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                     Go to the above website to view the new Missile Defense Agency's logo, shown above on the left. 
Above on the right is the Islamic flag, with its crescent moon and a star.  Below is Obama's Presidential Campaign logo. Now notice that the new MDA logo looks to be a combination of the two. This is creating quite a firestorm on the Drudge Report.

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