Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Climategate, White House Gate Crashers, and More Obamacare

The Headlines say a lot!
CLIMATEGATE: Scientist at center of e-mail controversy to step down...
Penn State Professor also under investigation...
Inhofe Asks Boxer to Probe Potential Scientific 'Conspiracy'...
Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill...
'It's all unravelling now'...
North Texas Wakes to Big Snowflakes...
Ann Coulter humorously says: having claimed to have collected the most complete data on the Earth's temperature for the last half century, the CRU's summary of that data was used by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for its 2007 report demanding that we adopt a few modest lifestyle changes, such as abolishing modern technology, reverting to hunter/gatherer status and taxing ourselves into servitude.
Even if the Earth were warming -- which apparently it is not -- the idea that humans using energy-efficient lightbulbs would alter the temperature of the globe is approximately as plausible as the Aztecs' belief that they were required to wrench the beating heart out of living, breathing humans in order to keep the sun on its path.
Howard Rich of reports other payoffs given (using our money) above and beyond the $300 million that was used to buy Mary Landrieu's vote for Obamacare:

You’d have to multiply that dollar amount dozens of times over to arrive at the $10 billion in so-called “reinsurance” money that has been tucked away for organized labor in the $2.6 trillion House bill. What’s that “reinsurance” money for, exactly?

That’s simple - it’s a bailout for union leaders who have grossly “mismanaged” funds that were supposed to pay for their retirees’ insurance claims.

Of course in a bitterly ironic pill for taxpayers to swallow, at the same time Obama is hoping to shower money on these labor leaders for their ongoing corruption and incompetence, he has removed any accountability whatsoever over their future actions by rescinding Bush-era disclosure requirements on top union officials.

They actively seek the forced unionization of the entire health care industry.

In the $2.5 trillion Senate proposal, for example, a union-stacked “personal care attendants workforce advisory panel” would be established under the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). This panel would have the authority to compel union affiliation – and payment of union dues – in exchange for allowing “private” providers access to federal reimbursements for community care.

Another scam works like this: In order to become eligible for federal reimbursements, employees who provide home care must agree to be “reclassified” as federal employees, with the strings of compulsory union membership and dues attached, of course.

[The more we read this health care bill, the more there is to disgust us.]

Townhall's Jillian Bandes reports: The Democratically-controlled Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held a hearing yesterday to examine the science behind global warming. Two climate experts from the Obama administration testified, but when Republicans asked to have a global-warming skeptic at the hearing, Chairman Ed Markey (D-Mass.) refused to allow it.
Chairman Markey did not even hold the hearing for the purpose of exploring the Climategate scandal. Rather, it was held to explore the “urgent, consensus view on our planetary problem: that global warming is real, and the science indicates that it is getting worse” in advance of the President’s trip to Copenhagen. Sensenbrenner also complained that the two witnesses who were called, Dr. John Holdren, the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Dr. Jane Lubchenco, an administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, were not put under oath at the hearing. Markey said that the reason they were not put under oath was because it would be “grandstanding.” [And I bet you thought that evidence of fraud in the science of global warming would slow down Obama's attempt to take Americans' money to "spread our wealth" thru Cap and Trade and such laws. When will we ever learn? Just follow the money - given to Al Gore and his company, to university and private researchers for their studies, etc.]
As for the government stepping in [to bail out the failing (mostly liberal) newspapers] Murdoch said he feared, and others should too, the growing drumbeat for government assistance should be as alarming as overregulation. That includes providing taxpayer funds for journalism or giving them nonprofit status in exchange for giving up the right to endorse political candidates.

He said that would only prop up those who produce what customers don't want, subsidizing failure and penalizing success. He said that government inserting itself into commercial journalism should be "chilling" to anyone concerned about the First Amendment.
Don't you just love this? The NYT is reporting that The White House on Wednesday invoked the separation of powers to keep Desiree Rogers, President Obama’s social secretary, from testifying on Capitol Hill about how a couple of aspiring reality television show celebrities crashed a state dinner for the prime minister of India last week. And the couple will not testify, either, according to a statement released late Wednesday by a public relations firm. [I will say here that some time ago when my husband and I were in the White House and attempted to give our names to the person holding the list of invitees, we were told that they KNOW who we are, and the photos would be sent to our home in several weeks. We knew then and there that we had been thoroughly vetted. We can't say the same for current visitors to the White House, and that comes with great risk.]

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