Monday, November 2, 2009

Those Peaceful Muslims in London

Visit:, as Snopes says this is all true, and that our media won't cover it because they don't want to "offend" anyone! We truly need for God to bless America. Now there is news that Muslims forsee Sharia law in England, complete with the Queen in a burqua and
We have been hearing of the Democrats' newest scheme, opting-out provisions for states. As Ann Coulter states:

The most important fact about the "opt out" scheme allegedly allowing states to decline government health insurance is that a state can't "opt out" of paying for it. All 50 states will pay for it. A state legislature can only opt out of allowing its own citizens to receive the benefits of a federal program they're paying for.


Latest news is that with a covert raise in income tax from 35% to 45%, the "millionaire" tax, the deletion of Bush's tax cuts, the state taxes, the health care taxes, et al, the top tax rate will maybe go from the current 35% to 60%. I will assume here that, as in the state of New York, which has seen their tax revenues plummet following the raise in taxes there, many Americans will stop working so hard and/or will retire to keep from donating so much to those who won't work.


Deputy Director of the Office of Public Engagement, Buffy Wicks, is now aiding the Obama Administration in "calling out" what data they don't want to be aired by way to tv ads, etc. In other words, they will be threatening action against those who do so.


The Weekly Standard reports: as 60 Minutes reported last week, Medicare fraud is rampant and has now replaced the cocaine (ahem) business as the major criminal activity in South Florida. Both 60 Minutes and the Washington Post report that Medicare fraud now costs American taxpayers roughly $60 billion a year. That may sound like a lot of money, but surely it pales next to the extraordinary profits of private insurance companies, right? Well, let's see....Well, let's see.... Last year, the profits of the ten largest insurance companies in America were just over $8 billion -- combined. No single insurance company made even five percent of what Medicare reportedly loses in fraud.


House Minority Leader John Boehner and other Republicans asked the Joint Economic Committee to draw up another chart the ObamaCare Chart.

To the average American, it looks like a maze that they'll have to navigate before receiving medical care. AND IT IS -- the parts in white already exist, and the colored boxes are the new entities, offices, requirements, reports, and subsidies the Democrats' bill would create.


Mike Adams, a college professor and columnist writes that :Glenn Beck gets it. He understands something I’ve been seeing and writing about as a columnist for the last seven years. He understands that the downfall of America will not come from the outside. It will come from the inside. It will happen because we failed to pass on to our children the values that made our nation great – and to remind them to pass those values on to their children.

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