Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Voting on Unread Bills/Global Warming Not So Warm

In short, senators will follow recent precedent and be voting on something that does not even exist. They speculate.

What’s more, CNSNews.com reports that an aide to Sen. Harry Reid said that current debates may be irrelevant because an entirely different version might be inserted into an unrelated House tax bill, HR 1586. That’s the measure that levies a 90 percent tax on bonuses given to executives of firms that receive bailout money. Among other things, this could be a way of getting around the constitutional requirement that all tax bills originate in the House.


Debra Saunders reports: "What happened to global warming?" read the headline -- on BBC News on Oct. 9, no less. Consider it a cataclysmic event: Mainstream news organizations have begun reporting on scientific research that suggests that global warming may not be caused by man and may not be as dire and eminent as alarmists suggest.

[While hawking global warming, Al Gore's net worth has increased from 2 million to about 200 million - all the while refusing to actually debate the merits of the cause. At a recent news conference, he had the mike turned off when one person actually asked him to answer a tough question.]


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