Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Government and Gardasil

It's getting plain scary! Here's a look at just one government-pushed health care plan and how it has worked:

Regarding the government push (and consequent propping up of sales to Merck) to vaccinate our girls against HPV to keep them safer while having sex [ is that what we want?], it has been reported by Merck's own doctor that "To date, 15,037 girls have officially reported adverse side effects from Gardasil to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). These adverse effects include Guilliane Barre, lupus, seizures, paralysis, blood clots, brain inflammation and many others. The CDC acknowledges that there have been 44 reported deaths."
Merck's Dr. Harper has stated that a girl is more likely to die from an adverse reaction to Gardasil than from cervical cancer.
One thing we know about Gardasil is that each three-dose treatment costs $360, which has helped Merck a lot.
26 million vaccinations after its debut, Gardasil will have no effect on the rate of cervical cancer in the U.S. HPV, the infection that Gardasil can prevent, is rare, usually heals itself, and testing and treatment in the U.S. are very effective in keeping cervical cancer a rare event.
rom DKTV: Transcript: From Barack Obama: "Now, to the non-Democrats who may be watching today -– (laughter) -– I want everybody to know we believe in a strong and loyal opposition. I believe in a two-party system where ideas are tested and assumptions are challenged — because that’s how we can move this country forward. But what I reject is when some folks decide to sit on the sidelines and root for failure on health care or on energy or on our economy. (Applause.) What I reject is when some folks say we should go back to the past policies when it was those very same policies that got us into this mess in the first place. (Applause.)" "Another way of putting it is when, you know, I’m busy and Nancy’s busy with our mop cleaning up somebody else’s mess –- we don’t want somebody sitting back saying, you’re not holding the mop the right way. (Applause.) Why don’t you grab a mop, why don’t you help clean up. (Applause.) You’re not mopping fast enough. (Laughter.) That’s a socialist mop. (Laughter and applause.) Grab a mop –- let’s get to work." [ The disingenuousness and duplicity of this man and this speech boggles my mind..... We really can't believe a thing he says...... Just as one for instance, if he believe in a strong and loyal opposition where ideas are tested and assumptions are challenged, just why is he trying to destroy Fox News? And just when will he be made to take responsibility for all his own actions?]
At the Corespondents Dinner: Good evening, everybody. (Applause.) I would like to welcome you all to the 10-day anniversary of my first 100 days. (Laughter.) I am Barack Obama. Most of you covered me. All of you voted for me. (Laughter and applause.) Apologies to the Fox table." [And so it goes]

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