Friday, September 25, 2009

Elementary School Brainwashing, National Organization for Women, & Cap & Trade

Today we have a "point source pollution" of a sort:

Are you concerned about the liberal agenda in our government run schools? I believe that this is where it all begins. You need to watch the following Utube video..... Where are the parents in this district?? It is sickening ..... Here are the lyrics to the Praise Obama song these kindergarteners were forced to learn:

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama

He said all should lend a hand to make the country strong again.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama

He said we must be fair today, equal work means equal pay.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama

He said take a stand, make sure everyone gets a chance.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama

He said red, yellow, black and white, all are equal in his sight.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama.

Yeah! Barack Hussein Obama.

…Hello, Mr. President, we honor you today

For all your great accomplishments, we all do say hooray.

Hooray, Mr. President, you are No. 1

The first black American to lead this nation.

Michelle Malkin reveals that "Earlier this year, at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, N.J., schoolchildren were instructed to memorize a paean to Barack Obama. A video uploaded to the YouTube account of Charisse Carney-Nunes, author of the children's book "I Am Barack Obama" and a self-described Harvard Law "schoolmate" of the president's, showed students lined up in the auditorium snapping their fingers and chanting in unison: Burlington Township school officials said Thursday the recording and dissemination of the video was "unauthorized," but acknowledged that the Obama praise session was part of the students' official curriculum".

[At the side of the group, on a tripod, is a BHO poster: I Am Barack Obama. This is indoctrination or brainwashing at its finest, a move to surely make the National Education Association, ACORN and Obama very proud].


Ralph Peters reports that: "In Afghanistan, our leaders are complicit in the death of each soldier, Marine or Navy corpsman who falls because politically correct rules of engagement shield our enemies. Unless our troops in combat are absolutely certain that no civilians are present, they're denied artillery or air support.

And what has our concern for the lives of Taliban sympathizers accomplished? The Taliban now make damned sure that civilians are present whenever they conduct an ambush or operation.

So they attack -- and we quit the fight, lugging our dead and wounded back to base.

We've been through this b.s. before. In Iraq, we wanted to show respect to our enemies, so the generals announced early on that we wouldn't enter mosques. The result? Hundreds of mosques became terrorist safe houses, bomb factories and weapons caches.

Why is this so hard to figure out? We tell our enemies we won't attack X. So they exploit X. Who wouldn't?

It isn't just that war is hell. It's that war must be hell, otherwise why would the enemy ever quit"?


National Review Online reports that "the largest liberal women’s organization, the National Organization for Women (NOW), hasn’t even issued a statement denouncing ACORN, one of the nation’s largest and most well-funded organizations, for acting indifferent to, if not downright supportive of, sexual slavery and child prostitution.

But an outrageously high number of congressmen — 75 members of the House — voted against cutting off funds. Who are these ACORN supporters?

Not surprisingly, all are Democrats; their party is the main beneficiary of ACORN’s efforts. But what is shocking is that ten of those House Democrats actually serve on the Congressional Human Trafficking Caucus".


Fox News reports: "The Obama administration is unfazed [by the Cap & TradeBill's slow progress]. They are moving full steam ahead with an even more costly regulatory scheme in the name of global warming—shoehorning the regulation of greenhouse gases into the 1970 Clean Air Act, a bill passed before anyone had ever thought of global warming and that couldn’t be less suited to the task".

And yesterday the NYT wrote that it appears more than likely that “global temperatures have been relatively stable for a decade and may even drop in the next few years.”


Driving the push for this massive power grab and circumvention of the elected branches is a key White House official who avoided Senate confirmation by being installed not as EPA director, but instead as White House Climate Czar: Carol Browner.

Left unchecked, Browner will move beyond automobiles to EPA’s entire staggering 18,000-page blueprint for regulating the U.S. economy. It will eventually regulate everything that moves (light-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses, motorcycles, planes, trains, ships, boats, tractors, mining equipment, RVs, lawn mowers, fork lifts, and just about every other piece of equipment that has a motor) and lots of things that don’t (any building over 100,000 square feet could be pulled in, along with smaller carbon dioxide emitters, like restaurants, schools, and hospitals that have commercial kitchens with gas burners).

It’s bad enough that the EPA is moving ahead with plans to pursue expensive global warming regulations instead of leaving the complex issue to Congress, the branch of government constitutionally tasked with making laws. It’s made much worse by the fact that the effort is being led not by Lisa Jackson, the duly confirmed and therefore accountable administrator of the EPA, but by Carol Browner, the unaccountable, unconfirmed White House Climate Czar.


Who's on the rolodex of ACORN CEO, Bertha Lewis?

"In her Rolodex, in fact, along with office numbers, cellphone numbers, home phone numbers, & private personal e mail address (only 5 names have this amount of private info), is a guy named Patrick Gaspard. He used to be the executive vice president of the SEIU. He is now Barack Obama's political director. He sits in Karl Rove's office and performs the job Karl Rove performed for George Bush. He's also the guy in the news this week who put the horse head in David Paterson's bed, told him not to run for governor of New York again. Not just Patrick, though. His brother Michael according to Bertha Lewis' contacts worked for the Advance Group. The Advance Group is the lobbying arm of ACORN. So you've got the president's political director and his brother in her Rolodex. One works for ACORN, the other one works for the president. There's also Karine Jean Pierre who is the president's liaison to the Department of Labor. Now, her information in this contact list has been outdated. She used to work for John Edwards and that's how this still lists her employment, but it does have her cellphone number and her e mail address. And there's also Shaun Donovan who is the secretary of Housing and Urban Development who used to be in charge of New York's version of that". [Somehow, I think that ACORN should think twice about the lawsuit they are considering, for that will call for total disclosure via "discovery"].


The Washington Times reports that Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday turned back a Republican amendment to wait 72 hours and require a full cost estimate before the final committee vote on the health care reform bill.

It was the committee's first vote out of more than 500 amendments awaiting them, in what has already been a contentious mark-up session.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The U.N. Security Council, at a historic summit meeting chaired by U.S. President Barack Obama, unanimously approved a U.S.-drafted resolution on Thursday calling on nuclear weapons states to scrap their deadly arsenals.
Investors Business Daily

California's educrats have put out new rules for teaching Islamic studies to seventh-graders in public schools, and they are as biased as ever. They'll also likely spread eastward. The lesson guidelines adopted by the bellwether state whitewash the violence and oppression of women codified in Islamic law, or Shariah. And they're loaded with revisionist history a
A French newspaper states: VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez said he no longer detected devil's "sulfur" in the United States, but the smell of "hope". The Latin American strongman famously called then-president George W Bush the "devil" during the annual meeting of the United Nations in 2006 and said that Mr Bush left the UN podium stinking of sulfur. But in his speech this year, Mr Chavez went out of his way to embrace President Barack Obama

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