Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Congressman Pete Hoesksta in Michigan

A Meeting With U.S. Congressman Pete Hoekstra....

During the question and answer time, Congressman Hoekstra, who is currently running for Governor of the State Of Michigan, was asked what he thinks about the GITMO prisoners being housed in a prison facility in Michigan's Northern Peninsula. He acknowledges that it would certainly provide several thousand new jobs in Standish. However, he is attempting to make sure that prior to the acceptance of those prisoners, the citizens or their representatives need to be told the truth regarding those prisoners by declassifying for those citizend the pertinent information. Congressman Pete Hoekstra has knowledge of this because of his place on the House's Intelligence Committee.

Regarding the new Democrat calls for possibly replacing "single-payer" legislation to a proposed "co-op" legislation, he says the new term is simply a euphenism (an inoffensive term substituted for one considered offensively explicit). The laws involved would be identical in intention as well as in outcome, as some pols have actually already admitted. Beware!

Regarding ACORN and it's many affiliates, he said that there will be no investigation, change or control, much less a withdrawal of taxpayer funding, during a Democrat Congress. I guess we can expect voter fraud to once again be part of our election process in 2010.


From Carrie Boudoff: House Democrats are probing the nation’s largest insurance companies for lavish spending, demanding reams of compensation data and schedules of retreats and conferences.

Letters sent to 52 insurance companies by Democratic leaders demand extensive documents for an examination of ‘extensive compensation and other business practices in the health insurance industry.” The letters set a deadline of Sept. 14 for the documents.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, signed the three-page letter dated Monday.

An industry source replied when asked for comment: “This is nothing more than a taxpayer-funded fishing expedition designed to silence health plans."

By Sept. 4, the firms are supposed to supply detailed compensation data for board members and top executives, as well as a “table listing all conferences, retreats, or other events held outside company facilities from January 1, 2007, to the present that were paid for, reimbursed, or subsidized in whole or in part by your company.”

For employees or officers making $500,000 or more, the committee wants information on salary, bonus, options and pension.

And by Sept. 14, the firms are supposed to provide copies of reports from compensation consultants

, plus board drafts of compensation plans, and information about market share.


BEWARE RECONCILIATION! With only 51 votes, this health care bill can be passed. The minority, apparently, can then "shut down" the Congress for a long time by using a rule to force every bill being considered to be read out loud prior to it's passage..... Now that would take a very long time.......

ObamaCare Part 1 has already been passed, as it was covertly placed in the Obama Stimulus bill. In H.R. 1: Final Stimulus Bill pages 136, 151, 63, 73, 135, 153 and 351 “healthcare” and establishes the Obama bureaucrat committee known as the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Clinical Effectiveness Research is addressed. I have discussed this in a former blog.
The Office of Management and Budget leaked word that, sometime this week, it will revise its projection of the federal budget deficit over the next 10 years from $7 trillion to $9 trillion.

That $2 trillion upward revision will put the White House's numbers in line with the $9.1 trillion deficit that the Congressional Budget Office projected in June. Back then, the administration criticized CBO's analysis; now it's admitting that CBO was right after all. (Of course, CBO might yet revise its projection upward even more, in light of current economic realities.) We cannot afford single-payer health care!


From Glenn Beck: Does HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have any clue? Apparently not, because as she's trying to describe the benefits of government run healthcare, she's actually describing the pitfall of it. She says, "And without competition costs could skyrocket. In a monopoly system it's not a great way to hold down costs." Ummm, Kathleen, what do you think a government system would do?
Again from Glenn Beck (and why not from the Main Stream Media?): The Apollo Alliance, a special interest group, was responsible for drafting the stimulus bill. Know this: Apollo is run by the Weather Underground founder, Jeff Jones. So, add yet another radical to Obama's team.....Must be nice to be an unelected group and have a few hundred billion dollars at your discretion, huh? Who is the Apollo Alliance and who is on the board? Here's the segment from TV last night that Drudge linked to today, exposing the radical background of Obama's Green Jobs Czar". Glenn tells us that he has actually been called by the White House, and was asked to, in effect, temper his remarks by not calling the lead person a Czar..... Wait a minute - who was the latest major lobbyist who is also advising the White House? Since actually being a lobbyist while advising the President would be illegal, he is trying to tell us that he is instead a "resource" - a true parsing of the truth. Oh, yes - that would be Tom Daschle, whose plan to be Secretary of Health and Human Services was "dashed" because of a large amount of unpaid taxes. Not only is this President breaking his pledge to NOT hire former lobbyists, he may be illegally using one under the radar". Know this: Apollo is run by the Weather Underground founder, Jeff Jones. So, add yet another radical to Obama's team.....
Even one of the Left's favorite pundits, James Carville, sees the dangers to our country in the action by President Obama and Rahm Emanuel to investigate and prosecute CIA interrogators. Others have noted that this will embolden our enemies, weaken our defenses and give our allies a good reason not to cooperate with us on any intelligence they may have. Our country will be in greater danger, and the head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, knows it. Even some on the left are questioning on which side this Administration sits, and how far it is willing to go to leave us defenseless against our enemies.

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