Friday, July 31, 2009

Ashley Herzog suggests that you need to read an article in the latest issue of Time magazine, titled “Summer School: What? No More Vacations?” If Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan has his way, your kids will be in government schools eight hours a day, twelve months a year.

She writes: Liberals will no doubt portray this as another altruistic “Save the Children” plan, as well as a taxpayer-funded babysitting service for low-income women and moms who have better things to do than raise their own kids. (“Mom isn't waiting at home at 2:30 with a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. That just doesn't happen in many American families anymore,” Duncan says in the article.) They’ll recite the pointless factoid that summer vacations are an outdated product of America’s farming culture. Its proponents were also clear about their larger goal. “Day care is a powerful institution,” Democrats Walter Mondale and John Brademas wrote to constituents in 1970. “A day care program that ministers to a child from six months to six years of age has over 8,000 hours to teach him values, fears, beliefs, and behaviors.” [Is it any wonder that in California, making home schooling illegal was attempted? In public school is where the indoctrination of our children begins: indoctrination into alternative life styles, wealth redistribution, anti-America sentiment, idolization of socialism, rewriting of our country's history, man-made global warming and others.]


More on the Healthcare bill:

"The most ominous of all are pages 424- 430 entitled "Advance Care Planning Consultations", which mandate periodic meetings for seniors with a government bureaucrat to determine how best to prepare for death. Page 429 allows the patient to list their preferences, but page 430 permits the state to "limit some or all" of the patient's requests. And it's all so cleverly packaged and sold by our charismatic president as a "caring, compassionate" approach to our health care problems.


Our government's Cash For Clunkers program seems not to have been well thought out.
Imagine that! After just one week, the one billion dollars set aside for the program has been
used up & the program will probably be cancelled.... Am I the only one who recognizes this
program as a second bailout of the auto companies, for it inspires people to buy the cars with the
further aid of the government? Thus we have yet another example of
unintended consequences".
I write today to encourage you to join hundreds of Townhall participants across the country
who are attending Townhall meetings to express their disagreement with the [mostly]
Democrat Congressmen who are attempting to take our excellent health care insurance away
from us! Yes WE can! Call and write and make your voices heard.

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