Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Latest Obama Plans

DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE has now declared that "protests" (such as Tea Parties) are considered by them to be "Low Level Terrorist Threats"
What HAS this government come to? And when WILL we stand up and be counted??

Financial Product Safety Commission is the name for yet another new idea of Obama's. He wants to name this commission to oversee the credit card and mortgage industries, among others. "However, the commission could end up limiting consumer credit options and innovation just as the economy is beginning to rebound", said Bill Himpler, the executive vice president for government affairs of the American Financial Services Association, the trade association for the consumer credit industry. "The last thing we want to do is scare the consumer. And we're afraid that creating an agency that would put government in control of personal finances would undermine that confidence that seems to be being restored," he said.

Prior to watching the ABC Prime Time show from Obama's Whitehouse next Wednesday - know this:

In another arena, Obama now overtly and formally controls US network news, according to a writer in Canada who calls this a substantive sign of Tyranny. Following are her words.

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Reminiscent of Orwell’s book 1984, soon all television broadcasts may carry Dictator in Chief Barack Hussein Obama and his message all of the time. Joining NBC (the New Barack Channel), ABC (the All Barack Channel) will now begin broadcasting from the White House. We assume CBS (perhaps the Central Barack Station?) will follow its betters soon and announce that it too will officially become an Obama mouthpiece. By the way, no opposing viewpoints will be carried or allowed. ABC also plans to run a free-to-Obama campaign promoting the dictator’s healthcare plan [this Thursday night]. Does anyone at all remember the name Hugo Chavez? Obama now overtly and formally controls US network news. This is a substantive sign of Tyranny.

And in the true spirit of his tyranny, Obama has been releasing at least one horrific piece of information almost each and every day—the latest being his control of the news. Tyrants release shocking information each and every day until the now-ruled member population becomes numbed to it. When the members (once know as “We-the-People”) become “numbed-down”, they become more compliant and are far easier to control. These members then begin the process of ignoring or denying the fact that they have become slaves to the tyrant. This is also a substantive sign of Tyranny. [Again, American needs to wake up!]

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