Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cap and Trade Legislation

I am sending this letter to my Congressmen, and give you permission to copy and send to yours.....

I am writing in regard to your current deliberations of the Climate Change/Cap and Trade legislation. Most of your constituents will be pointing out their concerns regarding the enormous expenses such legislation will add to the burdens on American taxpayers. Even the watered down Waxman/Markey version of this bill, with it’s proposal to give away 85% of it’s credits, will produce many unintended consequences. These will include, but not be limited to: more government control over who shall receive the credits; increased lobbying in order to gain the government favors; a disincentive to produce cleaner energy or to use less energy; a large increase in consumers’ expenses for energy due to less money coming in to pay for your Budget; and difficulties in understanding and following the 932 pages of rules. Indeed, even the sponsor of the bill, Henry Waxman, did not know of the terrible cost of one section of the bill which will underwrite income and healthcare insurance for anyone who loses his job because of this bill. Spain, which has endeavored to use these ideas, found that for every job the green agenda produces (and our President declares this to be 5 million), job losses will be twice as high. This means that over 10 million more US citizens will likely need to be covered for income and insurance!

But I am writing to plead that we back up a step to consider if this global warming, or as it is now being called, global climate disruption, has truly been caused by man in the first place. I wish for you to consider these facts: global warming has occurred every 1500 years throughout the ages; global temperatures have stabilized and slightly cooled since 1998 - at the same time that CO2 levels have been steadily rising; some scientists are now saying that global cooling is perhaps more likely and will be much worse for humans than is global warming; and the end result of jeopardizing the world's as well as our economy for this agenda, especially at this most difficult time, would be to prevent only 0.1 degrees F in temperature rise from occurring.

It troubles me that Chairman Waxman prevented Lord Monckton from testifying to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. This proves to me that no debate will be entertained - only fear tactics. Contrary to the UN's 2100 folks who expound on the problem, Lord Monckton, former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was to represent over 31,000 scientists , including the founder of the Weather Channel, who have signed a Global Warming Petition expressing their doubts over the cause being manmade. This is your proof that there is no consensus. Two hundred of these scientists recently attended the 2nd Annual International Conference on Climate Change in NYC - and yet the media failed to inform us about it and it was never considered by our Congress. Until true debate and consideration of the problem is undertaken, any move by Congress to further our debt and increase our government in this way is the wrong thing to do.
Thank you for your consideration.

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