Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Top 11 Democrat and Obama Proposals Which I Hope Will Fail

Remembering that President Obama announced that "only government can fix this mess", as well as remembering that Rahm Emanuel states that we must "Never let a serious crisis go to waste", I offer the following list.

1) A bevy of new taxes, as part of Obama's desire to "redistribute income", including the following and more: a) taxation of retirement accounts; b) taxation of health care benefits; c) taxing our use of natural resources (heat and air-conditioning); d) extra taxation on homes larger than 2400 sq. ft.; e) tax on miles driven; f) ending the cap on which we pay Social Security Tax, now at $102,500; g) raising capital gains tax rates; h) imputed income on home value tax (find the difference between the amount you pay for your mortgage, subtract that from the price you could get if you were to rent your home out, and be taxed on the difference - just in case you've been "lucky" enough to pay off your mortgage); i) eliminating the deductions for charitable giving and mortgage interest for high income earners; and j) punishing married couples for not being single (high tax on singles begins at $200,000; for marrieds at $250,000).
2) The Energy plan, with it's Cap and Trade proposals which will raise the cost of energy for everyone, sending even more of our money overseas and negating Obama's tax reduction for 95% of Americans. All of this would occur despite only a tiny change in our temperatures, by the way. This is being planned even though there is some good evidence that the global warming [which ended about 10 yrs. ago] is probably NOT man-made. Perhaps this is why there have been both Ice Ages and Global Warming thruout the millennium on Planet Earth.
3) The Universal [Socialistic] Health Care Plan, which in Tom Daschle's opinion must ration health care, especially for Seniors, and send doctors who provide private care to prison. THE USE OF A TACTIC CALLED RECONCILIATION TO SNEAK THE ENERGY AND HEALTH CARE BILLS INTO THE BUDGET NOW BEING PROPOSED is being discussed, and it would permit their additions with only a majority, not the veto-proof majority of 60 currently in place.
4) Card Check, whereby Union bosses could browbeat employees and then take their votes in person, not by a private ballot as we have when we vote for our President.
5) The Fairness Doctrine, the unfair proposal to squash conservative talk radio - because it is very effective in giving us the news the media deign not to provide, and because the liberal shows always fail to gain an audience.
6) Government mandated Community Service - along with huge government spending to support it
7) Going along with the America-hating UN by: joining the International Criminal Court (bypassing our American courts); agreeing to the Law of the Sea Treaty (whereby the UN TELLS us what we can do with our own seabed); formation of a World Government under the New World Order; having U.S. soldiers under the command of the UN; and participating in the Global Poverty Act, whereby another .7% of our Gross Domestic Product will be given to the UN for use world-wide, in spite of the fact that our country is the most charitable in the history of the world.
8) Our House of Representative's newly passed law to tax the AIG bonuses at 90%, even after THEY were the ones who passed the law allowing the bonuses. This is anti-Constitutional, if it's Bill of Attainder means anything at all [our government cannot pick out a small group to punish more than they already punish all Americans]. It fits right in to their agenda of Class Warfare and is endangering those executives and fomenting the hatred of Capitalism. It has been noted that it was ACORN, Obama's former "employer" who organized the recent bus tours of the "greedy" executives' homes. This is the same ACORN which is slated to receive millions of dollars of the Stimulus Package.
9) Obama's plan for Income Redistribution, whereby those who work the hardest, educate themselves, take the risks, employ others, and act with responsibility will be giving ever more of their money to those who don't take advantage of their free education or work 40-80 hrs. per week to get ahead. In it's effort to do this, Barney Frank is now calling for LIMITING ANYONE'S INCOME to $500,000!
10) Closing Gitmo, prosecuting terrorists in our courts of law, and setting these prisoners free into our American communities. We no longer have terrorists in the government's vernacular, by the way. Nor do we use the term Enemy Combatants; they are "detainees". Obama has caved in to the International Court's reasons for keeping these people at Gitmo til he closes it.
11) The recent proposal to give to tax-cheat Timothy Geithner the SOLE authority to SIEZE any company in the US which is deemed by him to be in trouble and too big to fail - even if it is NOT taking government money!
1)Though our President thought it was a good idea, our Veterans will NOT be forced to pay for their own private health insurance!
2) It seems that Obama's plan to give to Rahm Emanuel the oversight of our Census has been quelled. It will remain the duty of the Commerce Dept.

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  1. Obama's plan for income redistribution is pure Communism not merely Socialism...his radical agenda is simply the worst thing that has happened in Anerica since it founding. The Congress and the People will, hopefully, someday wake up and say "no more of this stuff"